AF Trading
  • Borehole temperature, pressure gauges including flowmeters.
  • Casing, Tubing, Line Pipe, Sucker Rod, Pony & Polished Rod and Macaroni Pipe,
  • Casing Cementing Accessories (Float Shoe, Float Collar, Stage Collar & Centralizer)
  • Cementing, Fracturing & Acidizing Units, Coil Tubing Units
  • Coil Tubing & Capillary Tubing
  • Drill String Equipment (Drill Collar, Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe) & casing accessories
  • Drilling Control Instruments (Drift Gauge, Weight Indicator, Pressure Gauge,
  • Electro Hydraulic Actuators
  • Fishing Tools
  • Flowline Equipment (High Gas and Crude Oil Processing Systems (Separator, Heater-Treater, Dehydration Units)
  • High Pressure Test Units, BOP Control Systems,
  • High Pressure Steel & Rubber Hose and Fittings, Hammer Unions, Swivel Joint, etc.
  • Logging Systems, Units & Tools including Logging Cable,
  • Metering, Pressure Reduction Equipment,
  • Natural Gas Compressors, Nitrogen Compressors, Air Coolers,
  • Production & Well Completion Tools & Packers including Inflatable Packer,
  • Pumps & Pump Spares (Centrifugal, Triplex & Duplex Mud Pumps, Cementing Pumps)
  • Pumping Unit, Downhole Pumps & Gas Separator,
  • Rig Handling Tools & Spares (Elevator, Spider, Slip, Tong, etc.)
  • Solid Control Equipment & Spares (Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner, Desilter, Desander, Gas Separator, Mud Mixer, Mud Gun, Screens)
  • Wellhead & Cristmas Tree, API Valves, Fittings & Flanges
  • WireLine, Wireline & Slickline Unit,
  • Valves (Ball, Gate, Globe, Plug, Check, Butterfly, Control, Drain, Safety, Emergency Shut- down, Metal & Soft Seated, High Pressure, High Temperature),